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About Us

About Us

I work from home. I sit in my office chair all day long as I write and write and write some more. I also have a few back problems. Muscle issues mixed in with a couple of slipped discs made sitting at my desk almost unbearable some days. There have been many days where I have bounded around, laptop in hand, from my sofa to my desk to my bed and back to my desk. I have used my office chair, my child’s desk chair, and a chair from our kitchen table – all within the course of an hour – just trying to find the right fit to alleviate the pain.

I have spent hours in office and business supply stores, sitting in one chair after another like Goldilocks trying out one bear’s bed, then another. I said, “Enough is enough!” By the end of the day, no matter how many times I stretched or went for little walks around my house, I was in pain. I decided that it was time to figure out how to select the best office chair for me.

As I began researching, I realized that there was a lot more to the process than I had anticipated. Ergonomics, adjustability, mesh, leather, plastic, castor wheels, 360-degree swivel – terminology was piling up all around me. So many chairs looked the same, but functioned differently. Once I began to understand the terminology and what constitutes a good chair, I made it my mission to help other people learn what I had learned, only faster. I built this website full of reviews and information to help you pick the best office chair to suit your body.