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Herman Miller’s Aeron Task Chair Review

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

By In Over $200 On April 22, 2016

The Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller is quite an impressive chair. Not only does it offer a futuristic, industrial feel to any office space, it is also fully customizable to fit your body and your needs. This unique mesh-suspension chair is available in five different material colors: black, blue, charcoal, white, and quartz. It is also available in three different frame finish colors: aluminum, graphite, and titanium. The variety does not end there, though, this chair is also available in three different frame sizes: small, medium, and large. In this article, we will explore the features of the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair to see if it is designed to meet your particular office chair needs.

Mesh Suspension

Herman Miller’s Aeron Task Chair takes advantage of the springy, malleable nature of mesh fabric. The entire seat and back rest of this chair are created from high-quality mesh pulled around uniquely formed plastic frames. As you sit in one of these chairs, the mesh forms around your body like memory foam, reducing weight on important pressure points so that you may sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

Mesh was also used because it is a highly breathable material. Herman Miller is all about comfort and wanted to go a step above ergonomic support to offer you temperature comfort as well. Mesh is a breathable fabric, which means that air can easily move through it so that heat does not get trapped close to your body. A mesh chair would be perfect for anyone with a sweating disorder, high blood pressure, or who works in a warm environment.

Unique Tilt System

One of the biggest selling features for the Herman Miller Chair is its unique tilt system. This system is evident from the structure of this chair – one look at the chair and you can see this large, complex-looking system built beneath its seat. In all honesty, I’m not sure if it really needs to be as large as it is, or if it was constructed that way to draw your attention. Either way, Herman Miller claims that this system is ground breaking in its ability to offer all-day comfort and support.

My research wasn’t able to reveal very much about how this system actually operates. I suppose that Herman Miller is relying on your trust in their company. As a big name in comfort seating, I can understand why they feel that they can keep some of their secrets while still winning your trust.

From what I was able to find, I have determined that the tilt system is designed to keep the chair in a state of motion. As you move, the chair moves with you. As a company, Herman Miller understands the no one sits in one position all day long, but must lean, bend, and twist from time to time. The tilt system in this chair ensures that the chair moves with you as you perform those tasks, so that you are always fully supported and your spine remains as aligned as possible.

Full Support

The Aeron Task Chair features Herman Miller’s patented “PostureFit” lumbar support system. The system can be moved upward or downward according to where your lumbar spine happens to be located against the chair’s back. The PostureFit system is also adjustable inward and outward so that you can match it to the depth of the curve in your lumbar spine.

Made to Fit

The Herman Miller Aeron is extremely adjustable. You already know about its adjustable lumbar support system. This chair also features 4-way adjustable arm rests. They can move up and down to accommodate the length of your arms as well as the height of your desk. They can move inward to reduce the likelihood of leaning for people with small body frames, or outward to accommodate those with larger frames. The seat is adjustable in height and the back rest can be adjusted in height as well. The back rest angle does not appear to be able to be independently adjusted in tilt, nor does the seat. That being said, I believe that the tilt of both is somehow worked into the unique tilt system.

What is, perhaps, the most impressive thing about the way this chair was ‘made to fit’ is that it is available in three different basic sizes: small, medium, and large. The different-sized chairs feature different seat depths, different seat widths, and different back rest heights. You can select a basic size based on your height and weight, then adjust the chair’s seat, arm rests, back rests, and lumbar support for a custom fit.

Worth It’s Price

My final conclusion here is that, overall, the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair appears to be well worth its elevated price. In fact, I have seen chairs with much less adjustability and customizability for much higher prices.

The Aeron appears to be built for the serious worker – someone who spends large chunks of his or her day sitting in an office chair. The mesh used for this chair is especially good for people who have experienced problems with sweating or who work in warm office spaces.

The unique tilt system is especially good for those who move around a lot during the course of their day. Fidgety people and people who frequently need to reach or bend will appreciate this feature.

If you have the money to spend, I think this chair has the ability to make you very happy. If you are not happy, Herman Miller’s full 12-year warranty will allow you to return the chair and receive your money back.

One suggestion I will make is that, if you are planning to purchase this chair you should try it out first. With three different size options, it may be best to physically sit in each chair before deciding which size is right for you. Herman Miller does provide a sizing chart based on height and weight, but not everyone fits into a mold. If your body is disproportionate or you fall in the grey area of Herman Miller’s sizing chart, seriously consider trying out all three sizes before making a decision.

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