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Alera Etros Series Suspension Chair Review

Alera Etros Series Suspension Chair with Mesh Back Seat

By In Under $200 On April 23, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of suspense! I love the kind of suspense that puts me on the edge-of-my-seat when I am watching a film. I also love the kind of suspense that keeps me happy in my seat when I am using an office chair. This is why I was so excited when I first found the Alera Etros Series Suspension Chair. For the most part, I think its unique mesh suspension system seems rather intriguing. Unfortunately, like everything in life, this chair also has some downsides. Let’s take some time here to explore the positives and negatives about this chair; hopefully this information will help you decide if this is the right chair for your needs.

Mostly Mesh

A large portion of this chair is constructed of mesh. Mesh covers both the back and the seat of this chair. The mesh is pulled around their chair’s frame, which is bent to create contours in line with the curves of the human body. The idea behind mesh-seated chairs is that the suspension offered by the springy material will alleviate pain and pressure from the body the way that the suspension system in a car reduces wear and tear upon it. The hope is that, when using this type of chair, the user will almost feel as if he or she is floating in mid-air while being encased in a material that forms to the shape of his or her body.

Although many mesh-backed chairs exist on the market today, chairs with mesh seats are much more difficult to find. Interestingly, when you do find chairs with mesh seats, they are usually in a much higher price range than this chair. This makes me worry that the mesh on this chair will not stand the test of time. Generally speaking, I associate higher prices with higher quality of materials. The fact that this chair is drastically lower in price than other mesh-seated chairs is cause for concern. If the mesh is not well-made, it can tear easily or begin to sag as a result of regular use. However, Alera advertises that the mesh on this chair is tightly woven and made of durable synthetic materials designed to stay firm and strong, even when under considerable weight.

The Ventilation Station

Another wonderful feature of this chair is its breathability. Mesh-backed chairs offer breathability as well, but only in the back area. Who hasn’t spent a day sitting in an office chair, feeling the sweat make its way across the backs of their thighs? I certainly have. It is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of – sweat is a natural function and serves a purpose. That being said, for the sake of comfort and presentation, it would be best to choose a chair which minimizes the amount of sweat you will produce while you are sitting. The mesh on the back and the seat of the Alera Etros Suspension Chair allows air to flow more freely against your clothing and skin, keeping you out of sticky situations.

Easily Adjustable

Adjustability varies from one office chair to another. Some companies try to create what they believe is the perfect chair and offer no adjustments. Other companies recognize that each individual is different and so they offer a lot of adjustments. Either of those two types of chairs can be found at the more expensive end of the office chair pricing scale. One thing is for sure, though – you will not often find an extremely adjustable chair at the lower end of the pricing scale. This relatively low-priced office chair is no exception to that rule – it offers a level of adjustability fitted to its price.

The Etros Series Suspension Chair allows you to adjust the tilt of its seat as well as the tension placed on that tilt. Essentially, what this means is that you can choose to tilt the seat forward or backward. Also, you can decide to keep the seat locked in one of those positions or rock freely as if you were in a rocking chair. The seat can be adjusted in height, allowing you to accommodate a desk of any height (so long as you purchase a foot stool when you must raise the chair high enough that your feet will not touch the ground).

The back of the chair is able to recline, allowing you to adapt to different work tasks such as writing, typing, talking, thinking, and reading. The back rest features a built-in lumbar support which is adjustable in depth. By adjusting the depth of the lumbar support, you can make the lumbar bulge larger or smaller to suit your needs. This is a unique feature in such a well-priced chair. Unfortunately, the back rest is not adjustable in height. This means that the lumbar support built into the frame of this chair is locked into one position. If the curve of your back does not line up with the lumbar support built into this chair, you will either have to suffer through an uncomfortable sitting, or find another chair.

Top Consumer Complaints

In my research, I was able to find a fairly large handful of unhappy consumers. Two major complaints came forward about the Alera Etros Suspension Chair. I feel that it is my duty to report these complaints to you, so that you can make the best decision possible for yourself.

One of the top complaints was related to the lack of adequate and adjustable lumbar support. People with back problems and those who found themselves sitting at this chair for extended periods of time complained that they found themselves in more pain after sitting in this chair than before they sat in it.

The second complaint was related to the arm rests included with this chair. First, they are adjustable only in height. If they had been adjustable in width, they would have allowed this fairly narrow chair to better fit people of larger body frames. Secondly, people reported problems with the up and down adjusting mechanism, saying that it would often stick in one place or break off of the chair completely.

The Conclusion

The Alera Etros Suspension Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair may be extremely helpful for those who require extra ventilation as a result of excessive sweating or warm working environments. The springiness of mesh is also good for those with bad backs or tailbone problems. Although the mesh is advertised as tough and able to withstanding considerable wear and tear, I worry that it will not be of as good a quality as that featured in higher-end, more expensive mesh suspension chairs.

Since the lumbar support is not adjustable in height, I would suggest trying this chair out in a store before purchasing it. It is great that you can adjust the amount of lumbar support offered in this chair, but if it does not sit in the right part of your back you will do yourself more harm than good. Also, with the problems reported about the arms of this chair, I would suggest it mostly for those people who do not anticipate using the arms and who may choose not to attach them.

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