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Alera Elusion Series Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

By In Under $200 On April 23, 2016

I want to begin this review by saying that the Alera Elusion Mid-Back Multifunction Chair is quite impressive for its price. As mid-back chairs go, this one is more adjustable than many other similarly-priced chairs and appears to be built for comfort. Consumer reviews have not revealed any major issues or concerns, which is a promising sign.

The Alera Elusion Mid-Back Chair is constructed with what appears to be a standard plastic frame, supported by metal for added stability and durability. Its seat features a firm, contoured cushion and its back rest has been created by pulling high-quality mesh around its plastic structure. I believe that the mesh back rest and visible architecture are to credit for this chair’s slightly upscale aesthetic appeal.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Alera Elusion in terms of adjustability, general comfort, and consumer feedback. Whether you are looking for an all-day office chair or an occasional customer/client chair, my hope is to help you decide if this chair is built to meet your needs.

Impressively Adjustable Arm Rests

Let’s begin by discussing the arm rests. Designed just long enough to support your elbows and forearms, this chair’s arm rests are adjustable in height and width. You may move them upward or downward to match the length of your arms so that you can maintain a healthy 90-degree angle at your elbow. You can also lower them to accommodate the height of your desk, allowing you to effortlessly slide your chair beneath your desk as you work on important tasks. If you are unable to slide your chair beneath your desk, you may find yourself hunching over your work and placing stress on your back, shoulders and neck.

Since Alera Elusion Multifunction’s arm rests are also adjustable in width, this chair can easily accommodate people of various body frame structures. People with narrow body frames often find themselves leaning to one side or another in an attempt to reach the arm rests on non-adjustable chairs. Such leaning causes your spine to unnaturally curve to the side and places pressure on the discs and nerves in your back. After even a short period of time, this can lead to significant and lasting pain. Luckily, people with narrow body frames will be able to pull the arm rests closer to their bodies to alleviate this problem.

People with larger-than-average body frames may find themselves squished between the arm rests in many average-sized chairs. Luckily, this chair will allow them to extend the arm rests further outward, granting them the space to sit comfortably. It is important to know, however, that this chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Adequately Adjustable Seat and Back Rest

The seat can be adjusted in height and in tilt. You can raise and lower the seat to accommodate the height of your desk or your legs. Remember, if you are sitting at a desk, you should adjust the chair to the desk’s height, not your leg length. If you find yourself sitting too high, you can purchase a foot stool to maintain contact with the ground. You can also choose to adjust the tilt of the seat to relieve pressure on certain parts of your rear or your legs relative to the tasks you are performing.

This chair’s back rest is adjustable in two major ways – height and tilt. Being able to adjust the height of the back rest means that you can choose where you would like the built-in lumbar support to sit. I think this is an extremely important feature. As someone who experiences lower back pain, I am easily excited by adjustable lumbar support. I have sat in far too many chairs which include built-in lumbar support and look as if they will be wonderfully comfortable, only to find that the lumbar support is in a terrible location for my back and only leads to more pain. This chair’s adjustable-height back rest means that you will not have a similar problem.

The adjustable back seat tilt means that you can choose to sit as straight as you like while working on tasks, and recline while you are talking or taking a break. Taking a few moments throughout your work day to recline allows you to rest the back muscles which have been working hard to keep you sitting up straight. Taking these short reclining breaks will thus reduce the likelihood of tense, tight muscles and muscle cramping.

Consumer Feedback

Consumer feedback related to the Elusion Mid-Back Multifunction Chair has been mostly positive. An overwhelming percentage of consumers are excited about the comfort this chair has to offer.

Of the few complaints I was able to find, most centered on assembly and shipping issues. I will, therefore, caution that you should be prepared to read assembly instructions carefully and approach the assembly process in a calm and patient manner. Also, I will caution that you should carefully check into the company through which you choose to purchase this chair, just to be sure that they have not received any major complaints about their shipping processes.

Closing Statements

Overall, the Alera Elusion Series Chair appears to be built to please, not only the eye but also the body. It is extremely adjustable, especially for its price, and features a mesh back rest which is designed to mold itself to the shape of your body for ultimate comfort. Consumer reviews have been mostly positive and most complaints have focused on assembly and shipping; not the quality of the chair itself.

Therefore, I am confident in stating the following: If you are planning to sit in this chair all day, you are likely to find that it is comfortable and adjustable enough to satisfy your needs.

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