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AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair Review

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

By In Under $200 On April 23, 2016

Constructed of black faux leather stretched around a black and silver frame, the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair has a contemporary, almost futuristic appeal. Its plush seat, cushioned back rest and intricate white stitch-work incorporate the traditional appearance we have all come to expect of an executive chair.

This chair, like many of the other AmazonBasics chairs, is well below the average executive’s office chair budget. I would like to assume that this is simply a result of its faux leather. Faux leather is much more affordable than actual leather, but is unfortunately not likely to reduce the price by hundreds of dollars. So, why is the High-Back Executive Chair so affordably priced when compared with other high-back executive chairs? This article will attempt to not only answer that question, but also help you decide if the AmazonBasics Executive Chair is built to suit your office chair needs.

Stationary Struggle

The best office chairs are the most adjustable office chairs. In fact, most executive office chairs are highly adjustable, making them extremely comfortable to any body type. This is part of what makes them executive chairs; it is this customized experience, along with superior style, which sets an executive office chair apart from a regular office chair. It appears that AmazonBasics named this chair “executive” on the basis of its physical appearance more than on its level of adjustability.

This chair appears to only be adjustable in two ways. Firstly, its seat can be lifted up and lowered down using a pneumatic lever. The seat can also be adjusted in tilt; a tilt tensioner knob allows you to lock the seat at any angle you wish, or choose to rock back and forth with ease.

Many chairs have back rests which can be adjusted to recline or adjusted up and down to change the location of the lumbar support. It is also common for executive-style office chairs to feature fully-adjustable arm rests which can move inward or outward to accommodate people of different frame sizes, and up or down to accommodate desks of different heights.

The back rest and arm rests of the High-Back Executive Office Chair are not adjustable whatsoever. The stationary back rest means that the slight lumbar support included in the structure of this chair is locked into place. You cannot adjust it to match the curve of your spine. You may, regrettably, spend many painful moments sitting in this chair if that lumbar support does not happen to fall onto the right spot for you.

The non-adjustable arm rests cause a similar issue – if you do not happen to own a desk which is exactly the right height to allow this chair to slide beneath it with ease, you may find yourself hunching forward as you try to work. This will place pressure and strain on both your back and your neck.

Created For Comfort?

Provided that your body and desk are perfectly matched to the position of this chair’s lumbar support and the height of its arm rests, it may actually be quite a comfortable chair. The seat is slightly contoured to accommodate the curves of your rear. It also features a waterfall edge designed to reduce pressure on the backs of your legs, subsequently reducing pressure on important nerves and increasing blood flow.

Extra padding added along the sides of the back rest provides extra support to keep your spine aligned throughout the day. Everyone slouches to some degree, but it is important not to slouch to either side – this padding will help keep you from doing that.

A Concern Confirmed

As soon as I read the name of this chair I had a concern jump into my head, wave its metaphorical hand around, and yell “Pick me!” A few days earlier, I had written a review for the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Executive Chair; essentially the chair I am reviewing now appeared to be the same chair but in a high-back version. The concern which begged for my attention was based on the fact that my research had revealed the Mid-Back Executive Chair to be constructed with low-quality cushioning. Consumer reviews continually complained that the cushioning flattened out into a hard surface within three months of daily use. Further research into consumer opinions about this high-back version of the AmazonBasics Executive Chair revealed the exact same problem.

Not a Bargain

In the end, my conclusion is that the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair is not the bargain it appears to be. Most likely its low price is related to its lack of adjustability and its low-quality cushioning more than to its faux leather, as I had once hoped. Unless you rarely plan to sit in this chair, or plan to use it as a customer/client chair for people who will only sit in it briefly, I cannot recommend this chair. Even if you happen to fit perfectly against its back rest and have a desk which will easily accommodate its arm rests, the low-quality cushion is likely to lead to discomfort.

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