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Comfort Products Mid-Back Leather Office Chair

Comfort Products 60-5607M Mid-Back Office Chair

By In Under $100 On April 23, 2016

The Comfort Products Mid-Back Office Chair is available in black or brown leather. Its bulky appearance and comfortable leather have the nostalgic appeal of a 1950s executive office or den. Its appearance and design create a mixture of formality and informality destined to spark feelings of respect and comfort to guests.

In my opinion, office chairs should be more about physical comfort than style and psychological appeal. Although any chair is a piece of furniture and ultimately lends to the appeal of a room, the value of an office chair should be based on how well it performs its job. What is the job of an office chair? I have come to find that office chairs have many different jobs, and that certain chairs are better for certain jobs than they are for others. Some chairs are best used by clients and patients in board rooms and waiting rooms. Some are best suited to children and teenagers. Some offer aesthetic appeal but are not suited to sitting for long periods of time. Some chairs are perfectly constructed for people with back problems. The list goes on and on, but I’ll stop here.

I realized a lot of shortcomings for this particular chair, though I do not think it is useless. Therefore, I made myself the following goal for this article: discover the best use for this chair. Throughout this article, I will take the time to look at both the positive and negative aspects of the Comfort Products Mid-Back Leather Office Chair, before concluding with the best suggested uses of this chair.

Interfering Arm Rests

The arm rests of this Comfort Products chair pose a potential inconvenience. Built of plastic, this chair’s arms extend in a swooping arch from the back rest to the seat. Although quite sturdy, the arm rests are not adjustable or removable. Unfortunately, since they sit quite high and are positioned so far forward on the seat, they are bound to interfere with pulling this chair underneath a desk. Ergonomic specialists say that this can create back and neck problems, as you would be forced to reach and lean forward over your work.

I wish I could tell you that you could simply remove the arm rests. Arm rests are really not necessary, anyway. In fact, many chiropractors and ergonomic specialists argue over whether or not they actually cause more problems than they solve. Regrettably, removing the arm rests of this chair does not appear to be an option. It looks as though they are part of what holds the chair together, offering extra stability to the assembly of the back and the seat.

Ergonomics and Adjustability

From everything I have read, including specifications and consumer reviews, it appears that this is a very small chair. It does not sit very high off the ground, its seat is small, and its arm rests are not adjustable. Many consumers have complained that they are unable to sit comfortably within the confines of this chair. The most popular complaint revolves around the arm rests, which are known to dig into the thighs of average-sized adults.

There is a slight lumbar support built into the back rest of this chair, though it is minimal. I would not suggest this chair for anyone with back problems. The lack of adequate and adjustable lumbar support would not be beneficial to them.

The Mid-Back Leather Office Chair appears to be adjustable only in seat height, making it able to match the height of most desks. I wonder what difference this would truly make, though, since the arm rests will stop you from pulling the chair beneath the desk. If there are any other adjustable parts of this chair, Comfort Products apparently did not think it would be a large selling feature, because they have failed to mention it in product descriptions.

Best For Small Frames

When my research began, I had initially thought that this would make a good customer/client/patient chair. I liked its aesthetic appeal and, though I knew it would not be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, I assumed that short periods of time would fine. After learning that it had a very small width, I realized that this chair would not accommodate a large range of people, meaning that using it as a customer/client/patient chair was out of the question.

The Comfort Products Mid-Back Office Chair’s specifications and lack of adjustability, combined with consumer reviews, all point to one conclusion. This chair is best suited to physically small individuals who do not intend to use it for sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

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