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DX Racer Formula Series Newedge Office Chair

DX Racer Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

By In Over $200 On April 23, 2016

The DX Racer Formula Series Newedge Office Chair is difficult to ignore. It features bold color combinations and a race car-inspired design sure to impress any race car or video game enthusiast. Available in ten color combinations, this high-back chair is mostly constructed of plastic, mesh, and foam. The company gives both the mesh and the foam a “soft” rating on a three point scale from soft to hard.

Available color combinations include black and coffee, black and indigo, black and orange, black and pink, and black and yellow. The almost futuristic design and bold colors of this chair will make it a conversation piece in any modern office space. I cannot help but ask myself “Is this chair all about appearances?” I see that its sides and seat appear to be somewhat contoured, but I wonder if this shape is more about visual impact than physical comfort. In this review, I intend to focus on this chair’s ergonomic possibilities in an attempt to help you figure out if this chair will fulfill your needs. Together, we will figure out if it has the right dimensions, support, and level of adjustability to fit your body and your tasks.

Have A Seat

Ladies and gentlemen step right up and have a seat in the DX Racer Newedge Edition Office Chair. Not a fan of the height of the seat? Need to adjust it for a taller or shorter desk? No problems here, folks, just pull the little lever on the bottom of your seat and take it up or down a notch. Okay, enough of that. I cannot help it. Something about this chair and its name makes me want to speak like I am working a carnival booth.

In all seriousness, the seat for this chair is adjustable in height, tilt, and tilt tension. As I explained in my carnival voice, you can match the height of this chair to match the height of most desks. You can tilt the seat forward and backward depending on your tasks, or choose to rock freely back and forth.

Unfortunately, there is no way of adjusting the width of the seat. Usually, this adjustment is made by moving the arm rests inward or outward. Although that does not change the actual surfaces space of the seat itself, it does create a smaller or larger seating area by squishing you in between the arms, or allowing your body the room to spread out over the width of the seat cushion. It is not possible to adjust the arm rests of this chair in such a way. DX Racer suggests that the width of this seat is best suited to individuals with average-sized body frames.

Put Your Back Into It

This chair’s back rest is tall enough to allow for a nice reclining feature. The wide base of the chair counterbalances so that you can recline yourself almost to a lying position. Unfortunately, you may not find yourself very comfortable once you get there, since this chair is lacking in any sort of built-in lumbar or neck support. Supporting the natural curves of your back and neck is essential for maintaining good spine health. For this reason, many companies include built-in support in the shape of your spine. The best supports are adjustable.

In an attempt to offer adjustable lumbar and neck support, DX Racer decided to include two small pillows with the purchase of every chair. While this does make the support very adjustable, it does not make it very stable. Moving around in your chair during work tasks is likely to jostle the pillows around, moving them out of their proper positions. That being said, it is still better than not using them at all. Without the pillows, this chair is an ergonomic nightmare. It is not only lacking built-in support, it is shaped like a ‘C.’ The back rest curves your body into an unnatural slouching position which is destined to cause more problems than it could ever solve.

Comfortably Contoured?

One look at this chair and you may be fooled by its sweeping curves. It appears to have a contoured back rest and a contoured seat. The only contours included in the back and seat, however, are flared out edges designed to hug your body. In a race car, seats are tailor made to fit the curves of the driver. They are also made to wrap around his or her body slightly, holding him or her in place as he or she gets jostled around on the track. This is not a race car; it is an office chair. It is not tailor made to your body; it is made in one shape. You will not be being jostled around at your office desk; you will need to move about freely.

All the edge flares appear to do is restrict who can use this chair. They create spaces between them which will only fit very specific hip and shoulder widths.

Who Is The Perfect Fit?

It appears that only the most average of people are suited to this chair. DX Racer suggests a height of 5’9” and a weight of 170lbs. This suggestion is based on seat depth, seat width, and the basic stability of this chair. The individual must fit nicely within the width of this chair, since its arm rests do not appear to adjust outward.

Unfortunately, although “average” exists as a mathematical equation, it will be difficult to find very many actual human beings who will fit the mold. A height of 5’9” and a weight of 170lbs do not guarantee that the length of your legs, the length of your back, the width of your hips, or the width of your shoulders will fit perfectly into this chair.

The Verdict

If you need ergonomic adjustment options, I do not recommend this chair. It is a very nice looking piece and may have a lot of appeal for certain interior design goals, but it is ultimately more a piece of art than it is an office chair. Unless you are able to fit your body perfectly to its very strict specifications and plan to stay perfectly still (you will not want to dislodge a lumbar pillow), you will not be able to find comfort in this chair.

That said, the customers who do fit the strict specifications seem to be very happy with DX Racer. If you’re one of them and you don’t have any back issues that require versatile ergonomic adjustment, this could still be the office chair of your dreams.

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