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Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair Review

Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01 Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

By In Over $200 On April 23, 2016

I cannot help but be reminded of a praying mantis when I look at the Ergohuman Mesh Hi Swivel Chair. I am not sure exactly what it is, but something about this chair’s arm rests and multi-piece back and head rest somehow remind me of that insect. This isn’t a bad thing, though. I am fan of praying mantises – I find them very interesting. They are incredibly unique insects, especially in their appearance. The Mesh Hi Swivel Chair is also unique in its appearance, as well as in a few other important factors.

Constructed of silver metal with black plastic accents, this chair’s seat and back rest are available in a wide range of material and color options. If you choose an all-mesh version of the Ergohuman, you are able to choose from six different colors, including black, metallic blue, metallic burgundy, metallic green, copper and grey. You may also choose an entirely black leather option or a black leather seat with a colored mesh back rest. Its basic shape and metallic accents are bound to make the Ergohuman appealing to executives with a futuristic sense of style.

I intend to use the rest of this article to highlight a few of the most important features included in the Ergohuman Mesh Hi Swivel Chair. I want to help you see that it is not only its appearance which makes this chair unique.

Metal Frame For Longevity

By far one of the most impressive things about this chair is that it has been built with an entirely metal frame. It is rare to see much metal on an office chair these days. Even some of the higher end and more expensive chairs have been constructed with very little metal – usually just a rod for the pedestal base.

It should be obvious that metal is more durable than plastic, which means that this chair is bound to last longer than many other office chairs on the market today. Though I do not recommend doing so, I would assume you could easily push this chair down a flight of stairs and cause very little damage – at least to its structure.

Impressively Adjustable Arm Rests

There are so many possible adjustments to this chair that I will not be able to discuss them all in one section. Let’s begin with the arm rests. Through research on ergonomics, I have learned that it is important to be able to pull your chair beneath your desk. If the arm rests of the chair prevent you from doing so, you will find yourself hunching over or reaching forward as you try to get your work done – this can cause considerable strain on your neck and back. The arm rests of the Ergohuman can be slid forward when you are not at your desk and backward, out the way, when you are at your desk.

I have also learned that it is important to be able to adjust the arm rests of your chair so that they just graze the underside of your forearms when your elbows are bent at 90-degree angles. The fact that the Ergohuman’s arm rests are adjustable in height means that you can easily match them to the length of your arms.

Unfortunately, this chair falls short of one very important adjustable feature – arm rests which can be adjusted inward and outward. Being able to adjust the arm rests of a chair inward or outward allows you to decrease or increase the amount of space between them so that the chair can accommodate people of different body frame sizes. That type of adjustment is not an option with the Ergohuman Mesh Chair, which restricts the range of people able to comfortably fit within its confines.

Easy Adjustments

Unlike many other office chairs which leave you perpetually grabbing around in an effort to locate paddles and switches, the Ergohuman has been designed so that your most common adjustments can be made by moving one lever in different directions. Pulling up on the paddle beneath the seat will adjust the seat’s height. Pulling back on the paddle will adjust the angle of the back rest. Pushing the paddle forward allows you slide the seat forward or backward to alter its depth.

To adjust the location of the arm rests or the height of the back rest, you simply have to click a switch, slide them into position, then click the switch one more time to lock them into place.

Lean Back and Relax

The back rest of the Ergohuman’s mesh model will form to the curves of your back, offering you support exactly where you need it most. The mesh itself is firm yet forgiving, molding to your every curve. The separate lumbar support pivots upward and downward as you adjust your position. Adjusting the height of the back rest allows you to move that lumbar support into whichever height is best for your back. You are able to manually pivot the head rest to suit your needs, or remove it altogether.

The back rest can recline, allowing you to take full advantage of the pivoting head rest. You can choose to lock the back rest in one of three positions, or adjust the tensioner so that it will recline when you sit back and spring forward when you move forward.

The Downsides

The downsides of this chair are few but they are not non-existent and, therefore, must be acknowledged. First, the lumbar support needs to be addressed. Although it appears wonderful in that it pivots with your movements, you are not able to adjust its depth. Also, although you can adjust the lumbar support’s height by adjusting the height of the back rest, the back rest is only able to be locked into three locations. If one of those three locations is not right for your back, you may find yourself experiencing pain.

The Final Word

You may or may not be thrilled about the visual design of the Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair. It is quite unique in its visual design, and is likely to appeal to a very select group of people. That being said, an office chair should be more about comfort than style and the Black Mesh Swivel Chair appears to offer significant customization which should allow you to get comfortable rather easily.

For the price of this chair, I would have liked to see a more adjustable lumbar support or a seat which could accommodate people of different body frame sizes. That being said, in order to offer all of those options for this price, the chair would probably not be able to be constructed with such a durable metal frame.

Overall, I must say if you are in search of a comfortable, durable all-day chair and do not have any significant, pre-existing back problems, the Ergohuman may be just what you are looking for.

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