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Giantex High Back Race Car Bucket Seat Office Chair

Giantex High-Back Race Car Office Desk Chair

By In Under $100 On April 23, 2016

The Giantex High Back Race Car Office Chair somehow reminds me of a Formula One race car and an executive office suite all at once. The sweeping curves and basic frame design of this chair all reflect a race car’s bucket seat. The faux leather, intricate stitching, and padded seating are reflective of a piece of high-end office furniture. I would assume that this chair has been designed with this unique appearance so that it may appeal to young businessmen and businesswomen. Its edgy design speaks volumes about one’s personal style, while its more reserved characteristics clearly mean business.

This chair’s plush cushioned back and seat are covered in black faux leather. It features breathable mesh down the center of its back rest, which has been given an accent color for even more of a stylish appeal. Possible color combinations include black leather with black mesh, blue mesh, grey mesh, yellow mesh, or red mesh.

The Giantex High Back may speak volumes through its appearance and is clearly designed to do so, but how comfortable is it? Let’s face it, office furniture does make important first impressions on clients, colleagues, and employees, but its primary function is to accommodate your body in a seated position. In this article, we will take a closer look at the High Back Race Car Office Desk Chair to see how well it will fit your needs.

Made For a Large Frame

This chair is one of the few office chairs I have come across which is truly made to fit people with larger-than-average frames. Many companies say their chairs are made for people of all shapes and sizes, but fail to create large enough distances between the chair’s arm rests to comfortably accommodate a large range of people. Secondly, they slap stickers on their chairs which state that they can only handle a maximum weight of 250 pounds. That is barely near the top end of average weight for people of many heights.

The Giantex Office Chair can easily accommodate people of larger-than-average frame sizes on its 20-inch wide seat. Also, it is sturdy enough to handle up to 550 pounds of weight.

The very existence of a chair with these capacities makes me feel good inside. Not everyone can fit into a mold and there are many reasons why some people weigh more than others. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to shop for an office chair only to find that there are very few which will accommodate your weight. I would like to give Giantex a high five for helping people feel like the world is just a little more welcoming.

Uncomfortably Stationary

This part of this review makes me sad. I was so happy to see that this chair was capable of accommodating people of larger frame sizes, but now I am feeling let down. It is difficult to now tell you that, although this chair has one big positive, it also has a big negative. The Giantex High Back Race Car Chair isn’t very adjustable. Its seat can be adjusted for height, tilt, and tilt tension (you can adjust how easy it is to freely rock back and forth) – but that is all.

You cannot adjust the height or angle of this chair’s back rest. This means that the slight lumbar support built into the cushion cannot be moved to match the curve of your own spine. The inability to move this cushion may lead to back pain as the cushion may press on inappropriate parts of your back and cause your spine to move out of alignment.

The arm rests are completely stationary; they cannot be moved at all. There are two major problems with these stationary arm rests. Firstly, if your body frame is not perfectly suited to the width of this chair, these arms can either cause you to feel squished or may be so far away from your sides that you find yourself leaning on them. Leaning pulls your spine into an unnatural side-to-side curve and places extra strain on your shoulder and neck muscles. Some other chairs allow you move arm rests closer to or farther from your body – this one does not.

Secondly, large arm rests are very likely to stop you from being able to pull your chair beneath your desk. Sitting too far away from your desk can force you to lean forward and hunch over your work, possibly leading to back and neck problems. Unfortunately, the large arm rests on this chair cannot be pushed downward, swung out of the way, or even removed.

Bucket Seat Problems

There is one more major problem with the Giantex Race Car Chair – its bucket seat. Actually, the bucket seat is only likely to be a problem if you sit in the chair for long periods of time. If you pop in and out of your office and sit in this chair for a maximum of a half an hour during meetings, you may be able to escape its negative effects on your body.

Bucket seats, while very comfortable at first, do not promote a healthy spine. They are created so that the seat of the chair curves inward like a bowl. These types of seats do not support your buttock or hips, and actually pull your spine out of alignment instead of helping it stay straight.

An Unfortunate Mixture

The Giantex High Back Race Car Chair is a nice fusion of edgy meets conservative. Visually, it is likely to appeal to a wide range of young adult professionals. It was nice to see that this chair is wide enough to accommodate many larger-than-average frame sizes and that it has a maximum weight capacity of 550 pounds.

Unfortunately, all of these wonderful qualities are mixed in with a couple of negative qualities. The non-adjustable arm rests mean that this chair will only comfortably accommodate people with a very specific frame size, and also that it will not be able to slide beneath many desks. Also, its bucket seat is likely to cause major back discomfort in the long term.

If you love the look of this chair, are happy with its price, and do not plan to spend a lot of time sitting in it, it may not be a bad purchase.

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