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LexMod Edge Office Chair Review

LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Leatherette Seat

By In Under $200 On April 23, 2016

Not every office chair fits every person, purpose, or style. This statement has never been truer than with the LexMod Edge Office Chair. This chair has a futuristic aesthetic design, which will match only certain office space décor. It is minimally adjustable, which means it will fit only very specific body types.

In purchasing an office chair for yourself, your clients, or your coworkers, it is important to weigh the chair’s specifications against its intended uses. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. In this article I will take a close-up look at the LexMod Edge’s specifications and conclude the best uses for this chair – from tasks to body types. Hopefully this information will assist you in deciding if this futuristic chair fits your needs.

Futuristic Design

The futuristic design of the LexMod Edge Office Chair is contained to its physical appearance. It does not offer futuristic ergonomic features which are above and beyond those offered by other chairs.

Its sweeping curves and stark contrasting colors are part of what makes it appear so modern. Its arm rests appear to hover, which also add to its futuristic appeal. The LexMod Edge is available in seven different colors and designed to fit into any bold modern office space. Available colors include black, bright blue, dark brown, gray, bright red, tan with a black seat, and white. Created with a mostly plastic frame, this chair features a mesh backing and faux leather seat.

Adjustable Arms

The arm rests are adjustable in height, and the adjustable range of three inches makes it easy to adjust the arm rests to match the length of almost anyone’s arms. It is important that the arm rests of your office chair do not force your shoulders up toward your ears – this places extra strain on shoulder and neck muscles.

Another important consideration with arm rests is whether or not they will interfere with rolling your chair beneath your office desk. A fantastic feature of the LexMod Edge is that its arm rests flip upward and out of the way. When flipped upward, they stay beside the back rest, pointing toward the ceiling.

Unfortunately, the LexMod Edge’s arm rests are not adjustable in width. Some office chairs allow you to pull the arm rests in closer to your body or push them outward, further away, allowing the chair to accommodate people of varying body frame sizes. The LexMod Edge can still accommodate many body types by flipping the arm rests up and out of the way completely, but it kind of defeats their purpose.

Lumbar Support

One of the most pressing concerns in the ergonomic world is lumbar support. Lack of sufficient and appropriately placed lumbar support can lead to great discomfort for those who spend extended periods sitting in an office chair. This is especially concerning for people with pre-existing back problems.

The LexMod Edge features built-in lumbar support. The support is created by tightly wrapping the mesh backing around the best plastic frame. The plastic frame has been bent to create a bump in the mesh backing around the location of the lumbar spine. This support is not adjustable in depth or height, unlike the adjustable lumbar supports featured in some more expensive chairs.

Other Adjustable Concerns

The LexMod Edge Mesh and Leatherette Office Chair features a seat which is adjustable in height from 18 inches to 21 inches. While this will not accommodate the tallest of desks, it is likely to be able to match the height of most average-sized desks.

The seat is also adjustable for tilt, allowing you to position it so that you lean forward toward your work, or backward toward relaxation. The seat tilt also has an adjustable tensioner knob. Adjusting the tension means that you can either lock the chair tilt in place or allow it to rock back and forth.

The back rest of the LexMod Edge does not appear to be adjustable at all. It does not appear to adjust in height or tilt.

Best Uses

If I am to be honest, I must say that, if you are planning to purchase this chair for yourself, you may want to sit in it first. If purchasing in-store is not an option for, you will want to prepare yourself for the possibility of sending this chair back, or you may want to choose another chair from the beginning. I say this because it is very hard to know whether the non-adjustable lumbar support will actually sit in the right place on your back. Since you cannot adjust its position, or the position of the back rest, you may find that you cannot sit in this chair for extended periods of time without significant pain. Therefore, if intended for personal use, I suggest this chair only for the very narrow range of individuals who will fit within its non-adjustable confines.

Using this chair as a client/patient/customer chair is much more acceptable. Clients, patients, and customers won’t often spend an entire day sitting in this chair, so it’s not likely to cause any major discomfort. Although the arm rests are not adjustable in width, they can be flipped up and out of the way to accommodate most body frame sizes.

Of course, you will have to have a very specific type of décor if you would like this chair to fit in with it. Luckily, many office spaces are created to be sleek and modern with minimal punches of color. This chair will fit right in with that type of design and add its own bold color.

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