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BestOffice Mesh Computer Office Desk Chair

BestOffice Mid-Back Mesh Chair with Metal Base

By In Under $100 On April 24, 2016

I find it very interesting that this chair has been labeled as a “mid-back” chair. Most of the other mid-back chairs I have researched for myself and for this website have only come up to about the height of someone’s shoulders. The back of this chair appears much taller and may rival the heights of many of the “high-back” chairs on the market today. Do not let the name fool you, this chair does offer head support if you are hoping to lean back. Unfortunately, this chair falls short in ergonomics, the one thing its name does claim it will offer.

The BestOffice Mid-Back (or high-back) Mesh Office Chair features a mesh back rest, a mesh-covered padded seat, and padded arm rests also covered with mesh. While the mesh offers breathable and flexible surfaces, consumers have complained that the mesh used on this particular chair is scratchy and can easily irritate the skin.

The BestOffice Mesh Chair is fairly easy on the eyes and utilizes the sleek, contoured lines of most modern furniture. Its metal base offers more stability and durability than many of its similarly-priced competitors. Capable of holding a weight limit of only 225 pounds and made with a width of 18 inches, this chair is best suited for lightweight individuals with average or narrow body frames.

Up and Down and Round and Round

Adjusting the height of a chair is usually more about matching the height of your desk than matching the height of your body. Shorter people can usually sit in a chair of any height, because they can compensate for chairs which are too high by utilizing a foot stool. Taller people, on the other hand, will want to ensure that their knees are not protruding toward their chins when their chair is at its highest setting.

Included among the features of the BestOffice Mesh Computer Chair is a seat which adjusts in height from 19 inches to 23 inches. Unfortunately, with this seat’s height only reaching a tallest point of 23 inches, it excludes many tall desks and people tall enough to need to sit at those desks. While short people and those of average heights could simply pair this chair with a short desk, doing so will not be an option for taller people. The small range of adjustability (four inches) also means that this chair can only be paired with a small range of desk heights.

The swivel function of this chair allows users to easily twist and turn without putting any extra strain on their bodies. This will make moving around a small office or cubical much easier and is bound to reduce the number of workplace injuries in offices confined to small spaces.

Lock or Rock

One wonderful feature included with this chair is its tilt tensioner. Located beneath the seat, the tilt tensioner allows you to decide whether you would prefer your chair seat to be flat, angled forward, or angled backward. It is adjustable to precise degrees, not just pre-set increments, allowing you to select the angle which is perfect for you. You can turn the knob very tight to lock the seat in place, or you can leave it loose to allow yourself to rock freely forward and backward.

Cushions May Help

A very unfortunate fact about this chair is that it is not well-contoured to the shape of the human body. That being said, there are not very many low-priced chairs which are. Whereas some higher-priced chairs alleviate pressure on certain parts of the body via contoured arm rests, seats and back rests, this chair does not.

I would suggest employing a lumbar roll to add increased and adjustable lumbar support to this chair. Although there is slight lumbar support built into the frame of this chair, it is minimal at best. Many similar low-priced mesh chairs offer a significantly larger curve than this one, meaning that it is unlikely to offer much support. Also, the back of this chair is not adjustable in height, meaning that the little bit of lumbar support it does offer is not adjustable to the curves of your individual back.

Also, if you plan to recline and make use of the relatively high back on this chair, you may want to purchase a small pillow to use as a head rest.

Overall Value

The BestOffice Mid-Back Mesh Computer Chair does not live up to its name. It is neither ergonomic nor is it a mid-back chair. This chair is much closer to being a high-back chair, because it does offer some head support. Its lack of ergonomic support, limited range of adjustability, and low weight threshold mean that this chair is suitable only for a very limited range of individuals. I would suggest this chair for those who are of average height or shorter, sit at relatively short desks, weigh less than 225 pounds, require less lumbar support than the regular person, is happy to buy cushions to make up for the lack of lumbar support, or will not be sitting in the chair for an extended period of time.

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