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OSP Designs Deluxe Armless Bankers Desk Chair

OSP Designs Deluxe Armless Wood Bankers Desk Chair

By In Under $200 On April 24, 2016

The OSP Deluxe Bankers Chair is chock-full of traditional, small-town charm. Just looking at it reminds me of an episode of ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ Its available colors include traditional fruitwood as well as a more contemporary white-wash.

Whether or not you are a fan of small town life, this chair can add a certain charm to your office space. In a world of straight lines, sleek curves and plenty of steel, the traditional wooden structure of this chair can offer clients and customers a feeling of comfort and trust.

Minimal Comfort

Unfortunately, this chair does not scream ergonomics and is clearly not meant for long periods of sitting. Its seat is hard and flat, offering no support to your rear end. Sitting atop this seat for extended periods would likely lead to pain in pressure point areas. These days, many chairs feature a sloped edge on the front of the seat to avoid pressing on the backs of the legs and pulling on nerves. Unfortunately, the front edge of this chair’s seat comes to an abrupt stop.

Its back features absolutely no lumbar support or cushioning. It is constructed of wood and follows a straight-line pattern. Even people with the healthiest of spines would find this chair uncomfortable after about an hour.

Very Versatile

The OSP Wood Bankers Chair’s seat is decently adjustable. You can adjust the seat’s height to accommodate desks and individuals of most heights. It is, of course, suggested that you adjust the height of the seat to match the height of the desk. However, if you plan to use this chair without a desk, it is good to know that you can adjust it to match your own or your client/customer’s height.

I usually spend at least one or two paragraphs discussing a chair’s arm rests. Are the adjustable? Do they move inward and outward as well as up and down? Will they interfere with pulling your chair in toward your desk? None of the questions are relevant with the OSP Armless Bankers Chair because it is armless. I bet you figured that out by its name, didn’t you? Still, this topic warrants some discussion.

Some chiropractors and ergonomic specialists actually suggest purchasing a chair without arm rests. They worry that arm rests will encourage leaning which may throw a person’s spine out of alignment and place extra stress on certain muscle groups. Also, arm rests can prevent you from pulling your chair far enough under your table or desk to maintain an optimal distance between yourself and your paperwork.

This chair’s lack of arm rests means that it will not cause any of the problems listed above. Additionally, the absence of arm rests on this chair mean that it can be used by a wider variety of body frame structures.

Suggested Uses

I do not suggest purchasing this chair for your personal use if you intend to sit in it for long periods of time. It is not the ideal desk chair. It will not offer you the ergonomic support necessary to maintain optimal back/spine health and is likely to place pressure and strain on certain body parts, including your buttocks and lumbar spine.

Although this chair would not be comfortable for extended periods of usage, it could be a wonderful addition to many offices, waiting rooms or, yes – you guessed it – banks. There is a reason why I have spent the majority of this article discussing this chair’s applicability to office spaces, customers and clients – I truly believe that this would be the best use for this particular chair. Its charm would make it an import part of your office’s décor. Its versatility and adjustability mean that it can easily accommodate people of many different shapes and sizes. From tall to short and large body frames to narrow body frames, this chair is able to offer a decent amount of comfort to almost anyone for a short period of time.

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