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Office Chairs Over $200

Typically mid-back or high-back office chairs over the $200 mark, including those which reach up over the $1000 mark, are all highly adjustable. This large range of prices reflects the large range of adjustable features as well as materials. Typically, anything below $200 will not feature much adjustability or customizable ergonomic support, making the more expensive grouping of office chairs those which are often preferable for people with injuries or other special considerations.

Although they vary in the number of adjustable features and differ in terms of the quality of material from which they are forged, all chairs above that mark offer considerable adjustable support. Adjustable lumbar support, seat height, seat angle, back height, back angle and arm rests are the norm in chairs of this price range. Generally speaking, the price of this type of chair will increase as the number of adjustable features or quality of materials increases.

Best Overall - Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is available in a range of colors and materials. This highly adjustable chair is not only ergonomically-friendly, it is also environmentally-friendly and has undergone extensive testing to prove that fact.

The chair’s options include an adjustable seat, adjustable arm rests, an adjustable back rest, and an adjustable lumbar support. The seat is able to match the height of any desk and can slide forward and backward to match the length of your legs. The arm rests can pivot, slide forward and backward, move up and down, pull inward, or push outward. The adjustability of the arm rests allows this chair to slide easily under desks and to accommodate people of various arm lengths and body frame sizes. It features Steelcase’s patented “Live Back” technology, which ensures that your back is always supported regardless of your posture or position. The chair’s unique glide function allows you to use your bodily movements (instead of a paddle control) to simultaneously slide the seat and the back rest into a more reclined position. The lumbar support is independently adjustable in terms of its strength as well as its location on your back.

Runner Up - Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

The Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair is available in three sizes, six fabric colors, and three frame colors. The sizes range from small to large and change according to seat width, seat depth, and back rest height. Fabric color options include black, blue, charcoal, white, and quartz. Frame color options include aluminum, graphite, and titanium.

This office chair isn’t only customizable in terms of its size and appearance, though. It also features arm rests which are adjustable in height to accommodate the length of your arms or the height of your desk. The arm rests can also be adjusted inward and outward to accommodate people with a range of body frame sizes. The back rest can be adjusted in height, as can the seat. Even the lumbar support is adjustable – in location (up and down) as well as in depth.

The mesh fabric of this chair has been stretched around its frame in order to provide the user with the ultimate suspension experience. Suspension seating is believed to reduce weight on pressure points and create comfort as it cradles your body.

Third Place - Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01 Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

The Ergohuman Mesh Hi Swivel Chair looks like something from the future. It has been created with a back rest, lumbar support, head rest, and seat which all operate independently and as a unit. It is available in a variety of colors and materials, including mesh and leather. The all-metal frame of this chair makes it uniquely durable in a world of plastic office chairs.

The arm rests are adjustable in height, swivel, and can be slid backward and out of the way to accommodate your office desk. The back rest can be adjusted to three different heights, subsequently moving the lumbar support upward or downward. The back rest can also be locked into one of three reclining positions or can be left to move back and forth with your own body as you move. The lumbar support pivots upward and downward as you move, in an attempt to keep it at the perfect location at all times.

DX Racer Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

The DX Racer Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair is available in five bold color combinations, including black and coffee, black and indigo, black and orange, black and pink, and black and yellow. This chair’s futuristic race car design would nicely compliment any modern office space.

This high-back chair features no built-in lumbar or neck support, but comes complete with two pillows. Its seat is adjustable in height, tilt, and tilt tension. You can match the height of the seat to a desk of almost any height and match the tilt of your seat to your current task. The tilt tensioner allows you to lock the seat at one angle, or rock freely between many. The back rest is adjustable in height and is built with curves that, essentially, hug you as you sit. The back rest can be reclined almost to a lying position, allowing you a chance to relax. This chair’s contouring is somewhat restrictive and means that this chair is built to fit a very specific and average body type.