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Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair Review

Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair

By In Over $200 On April 24, 2016

When I sit down on my not-so-ergonomic office chair to write a review, I always begin by making a list of subheadings. I base these subheadings on what I believe are the most important qualities, benefits, and drawbacks of a product. I have completed my research for the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair and I find myself completely stumped regarding where I should begin. The number of features I would like to write about is so vast that I worry I will not be able to touch on them all in this article.

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is available in a wide range of different colors and materials, designed to match the interior décor of many modern office spaces. Here we are looking at the Leap Fabric Chair, but this chair is also available in mesh and leather. While I cannot categorize this chair as a high-back chair because it is not tall enough to offer head support, it is also difficult to classify it as a mid-back chair since it comes higher than the shoulder blades and offers significant upper back support. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s take a deeper look at what has been boasted as Steelcase’s top-selling office chair.

Extremely Adjustable

The Leap Chair’s seat is adjustable in height, allowing you to match its height ergonomically to almost any desk. The seat can also slide forward and backward. The forward-backward motion of the seat is tied into the reclining motion of the chair’s back rest. This allows the user to glide into a comfortably relaxed position without placing extra strain on his or her back. For the most part, this is a very good thing. However, you may want to be able to slide your seat forward or backward to accommodate the length of your thighs. Luckily, that is also an option. To utilize this function you simple use manual controls instead of sliding the seat forward with your buttocks.

The seat’s back rest does not appear to be adjustable in height; normally, I would consider this a downfall for an office chair. However, most people change the height of the back rest in order to move the lumbar support into an optimal position. This chair allows you to independently move the lumbar support according to your needs.

The Steelcase Leap’s arm rests are among the most adjustable I have seen. They pivot to different angles to accommodate different tasks. You can change their depth, forward and backward, allowing you to slide easily under any desk without interference. You can also adjust them in height to accommodate the length of your arms and reduce any strain on your neck and shoulders. Arm rests which are too close to the sides of the body can leave a person feeling squished. Arm rests which sit too far away from the body are useless and promote leaning (which is known to cause strain on the back). Adjustable inward and outward, the arm rests allow this chair to accommodate a large range of body frame sizes.

Live Back Technology

This is where things really get interesting. Steelcase has made its Leap chairs with what they refer to as “Live Back” technology. The chair’s back rest is designed to be flexible. It moves forward and arches backward as your position and posture change throughout the day. By doing this, it is able to provide constant lumbar and upper back support.

As has been mentioned, you can adjust the location of the lumbar support relative to your back. You are also able to adjust the amount of lumbar support as well as the amount of pressure the upper back of the chair will withstand when you lean backward. Would you prefer a firm back or something with a little more spring? It doesn’t matter what you prefer, you can adjust it to the way you like with very minimal hassle.

Environmentally Friendly

Steelcase has performed extensive testing on this chair, mapping out its environmental impact across its lifespan. From its creation, throughout its use, and until it is no longer needed as an office chair, the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is exceptionally environmentally-friendly. It is made almost entirely from recycled materials, which means that the chair itself is also recyclable. You may not realize it, but certain materials can actually lend to poor indoor air quality – testing has shown that this chair has a minimal impact on air quality in a given space.

Cushion Comfort

Here comes the one and only negative thing I was able to uncover about this chair in my research. I scoured consumer reviews for complaints and found that there was really only one complaint shared by more than a handful of people – the chair’s seat is uncomfortable if you sit on it for long periods. Apparently, the foam seat is rather firm. While this means that it will stand up well to the wear and tear it is likely to receive over the years, it also means that many people walk away feeling as if they’ve received a good kick in the rear.

The Conclusion

I realize that I haven’t discussed many negative points about this chair; I didn’t find many negative points about this chair. Although the cushion is reportedly uncomfortable, I believe it’s one of those things you have to sit on to decide for yourself. Different people have different amounts of natural padding and different weights which will undoubtedly impact this experience. Overall, this chair appears to be one of the best on the market. It is ergonomically correct in its design and it allows the user to customize his or her sitting experience.

It is one of the pricier office chairs on today’s market. For that reason, I would be most likely to suggest this chair to people with back problems or who sit for very long shifts at work. The extra comfort may be worth the extra price in those cases. People with no back pain and who do not sit for very long may want to find a less expensive option, since they probably will not be requiring this level of ergonomic support.

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