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Sub-$100 Office Chair Reviews

Generally speaking, office chairs below the $100 mark are meant for occasional use. Typically, they are low-back to mid-back task chairs made primarily of plastic. Although they often feature some padding for extra comfort, they rarely include lumbar support or contoured cushions. They will occasionally include arm rests, but rarely will those arm rests be adjustable. In fact, the only adjustment typically included in a chair of this price range is adjustable seat height.

Due to their lack of adjustability, most people do not find these chairs comfortable for extended periods of time. If you are looking for an extremely comfortable, ergonomically-friendly all-day office chair, you may want to look into something from a higher price range. Chairs under $100 are best used occasionally and for short periods of time, for example, as a chair for office guests or as an addition to your child’s at-home study zone.

Best Overall - Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair, available only in black, is a standard low-end office chair constructed mostly of plastic and mesh. It is designed to serve its purpose as a chair, and not much else. Its seat is adjustable in height as well as tilt. The tilt function on this chair is also adjustable in tension, allowing the user to choose whether or not to rock back forth. Its arm rests are not adjustable. The mesh backing offers some lumbar support built into the frame, but is also not adjustable. The front edge of the seat cushion has been sloped to reduce pressure and pulling. This chair is designed to fit one very specific body type and is not customizable to fit those who are very short, very tall, have very narrow or wide frames.

Runner Up - New Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Chair with Metal Base

The New Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh chair is closer to being a high-back chair than a mid-back chair and offers minimal ergonomic support. It is constructed mostly of black mesh and plastic, and features a metal base. It appears to be designed to match sleek and modern office décor, but is not an overly impressive or flashy piece of furniture. This chair’s seat height adjusts between 19 and 23 inches tall, making it perfect for short or average-sized desks. It is 18 inches wide and is capable of holding a maximum weight of 225 pounds, making it perfect for lightweight people and those with average or narrow body frames. It features a seat adjustable in height as well as tilt, and has a tensioner knob which allows the user to lock the seat tilt in place or rock freely from one position to another. It also features swivel ability, standard castor wheels, non-adjustable padded arm rests, a foam seat, and slight lumbar support built into the frame.

Third Place - Comfort Products 60-5607M Mid-Back Office Chair

The Comfort Products Mid-Back Office Chair is constructed of leather, plastic and metal. Available in black or brown leather, this chair features bulky cushioning on both its seat and back rest. The seat is adjustable in height, allowing it to match the height of almost any desk. However, this chair’s arm rests protrude rather far forward, making it difficult to pull beneath a desk. The arm rests are not adjustable in height, depth, or width and should not be removed. The back rest also does not appear to be adjustable, though it is slightly bent, allowing for minimal lumbar support. Standard castor wheels make this chair quite mobile, as does its 360-degree swivel ability.

AmazonBasics Faux Leather Mid-Back Office Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair offers the illusion of luxury for a budget-friendly price. Its plush cushioned seat and back rest are covered with finely stitched faux leather. Unfortunately, consumers have complained that the seat cushion and back rest cushions flatten out and quickly become uncomfortable.

This chair features standard plastic carpet-friendly castor wheels, and a seat adjustable in height between 16 inches and 21 inches. The seat is also adjustable in tilt. A tilt tensioner knob allows you the choice of locking the seat at one angle or rocking backward and forward. The back rest features minimal lumbar support and is not adjustable in height or angle. The arm rests are padded for extra comfort, but cannot be raised, lowered, or adjusted inward or outward.

Giantex High-Back Race Car Office Desk Chair

The Giantex High Back Race Car Office Desk Chair is a fusion of edgy style and conservative executive. Available in five different color options, this chair is built to reflect the shape of a race car’s driver seat. The seat and back rest are padded with plush cushions which have been covered in intricately-stitched faux black leather. Along the middle of the back there is mesh fabric for breathability; it is the mesh fabric which is available in five different colors.

Constructed with a seat width of 20 inches and a load capacity of 550 pounds, this chair has been built for people with a larger than average frame size.

This chair’s arm rests are not adjustable and may interfere with pulling the chair beneath your desk. The back rest is not adjustable either, meaning that you cannot adjust the position of the built-in lumbar support.

The seat can be adjusted in height and tilt. It also features a tilt tensioner knob which allows you to adjust the ease with which you can rock back and forth.