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Office Chair Reviews Under $200

Although I consider chairs in the $100 to $200 range to be mid-level, the truth is that the best office chairs extend to prices well over $1000. The major reason I consider the $100 to $200 range to be mid-level is because, as you will see in our reviews, office chairs in this range usually offer mid-level adjustability and ergonomic support.

Lumbar support, adjustable seat height and adjustable arm rests are the norm for chairs of this price range. Typically, I believe that chairs under $100 are meant for occasional use, as they are often built without any special supports or adjustable features. Chairs over $200 are meant for people with injuries and special body considerations which require a high level of customization. Office chairs in the $100 to $200 price range typically offer you enough support to sit comfortably throughout your day and enough adjustability to customize your sitting experience.

Best Overall - Alera Elusion Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

The Alera Elusion Series Mid-Back Chair is constructed mostly of plastic and metal. It features a flexible mesh back rest and a fabric-covered, firm-cushioned seat. Its seat is adjustable in height, allowing you to match it to the height of your desk or the length of your legs. Its seat is also adjustable in tilt, so that you may relieve pressure on certain parts of your body as you switch tasks throughout the day.

You can change the position of the built-in lumbar support by adjusting the back rest’s height or tilt. You can adjust the height of the chair’s arm rests to accommodate the length of your arms or to easily slide the chair beneath your desk.

The space between the arm rests is also adjustable. By moving the arm rests inward or outward, you are able to create more or less space between them so that you create the optimal amount of space relative to your body frame size.

Runner-Up - Alera Elusion Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

The Alera Elusion Mid-Back Mesh Chair is available in standard black and consists mostly of plastic and mesh. It features plastic dual castor wheels and a mesh back stretched around a plastic frame. It is also highly adjustable for its price range. It allows the user to adjust the arm rests up and down to accommodate different desk heights, as well as inward and outward to accommodate different body frame sizes. The height is adjustable up to 42.5 inches, meaning it will also adjust to fit many desk sizes. The seat’s tilt can be adjusted to be flat, leaning forward, or leaning backward. A tensioner knob allows the user to lock the seat’s tilt in place or chose to rock freely backward and forward. The built-in lumbar support is adjustable to fit many different people. All you have to do is adjust the height of the back rest to fit the lumbar support into the perfect place for you. For additional comfort, the seat has been given a sloped front edge to reduce the pressure placed on the backs of your legs as you sit in this chair.

Third Place - LexMod Veer Mesh Back Chair with Mesh Fabric Seat

The LexMod Veer Office Chair is a mid-back chair comprised mostly of mesh and plastic. It is available in an impressive array of eight colors, including black, blue, brown, grey, green, orange, red, and tan. Overall, this is a relatively small chair. It features a mesh back stretched over a curved plastic frame, designed to offer stationary lumbar support. It has a cushioned foam seat covered in mesh, designed to offer a breathable surface for maximum temperature comfort. This chair is adjustable only in height. Its seat will not slide forward or backward. Its back rest will not adjust in height or tilt. Its arm rests are not able to adjust upward, downward, inward, or outward. They are, however, able to swing up and out of the way, allowing the user to slide the chair effortlessly under an appropriately-sized desk.

Alera Etros Petite Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair

The Alera Etros Series Petite Mesh Chair is highly customizable and made to fit people who have a difficult time making traditional office chairs work for them. To accommodate people of small statures the height of the seat, height of the back, and width of the arm rests can all be adjusted. Even the depth of the seat can be adjusted. You can lift the back rest and slide the seat underneath it to find the fit that is right for you. The built-in lumbar support, mesh back, and firm foam seat are all designed to bring comfort to your back by reducing pressure on key areas and supporting the natural curve of your spine. This chair also features standard plastic roller wheels and can swivel 360 degrees. Unfortunately, you must assemble this chair yourself and, once it is assembled, it is not the most beautiful piece of office furniture on the market.

Alera Etros Suspension Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair Review

The Alera Etros Series Suspensions Synchro Tilt Chair is a fairly low-priced office chair made mostly of mesh stretched around a plastic frame. This chair features standard plastic caster wheels and curved arm rests made of hard plastic. Its unique mesh seat suspension system is virtually unheard of in a chair of this price. This chair’s arm rests are adjustable in height, but unfortunately not in width. The seat is adjustable in height and designed to match desks of many heights. The seat features a tilt option with a tensioner knob. Although the lumbar support of this chair is not adjustable in height, it is uniquely adjustable in depth.

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

The AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair features faux black leather, sophisticated white stitching, and a black and silver frame. It combines the visual appeal of contemporary furniture with the comfort of a traditional executive office space. This chair features slight lumbar support built into its non-adjustable back rest. Its arm rests are not adjustable in height or width and are used to hold the back rest to the seat. The seat of the High-Back Executive Chair is adjustable in height via a pneumatic lever. It can also be adjusted in tilt and tilt tension.

This chair also features extra padding along the sides of the back rest for additional spine support. Its waterfall edge promotes good blood flow and reduces pressure on the nerves which run through the backs of your legs. Unfortunately, consumers have heavily complained that the cushioning used for both the seat and the back rest of this chair is only comfortable for the first few months, after which, they say, it flattens out and becomes hard.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Task Chair

The Flash Furniture Mesh Task Chair is an artistically-designed chair available in a large array of ten colors and meant to fit the décor of many modern and contemporary office spaces. This chair has been designed with both style and comfort in mind. It features a tension-adjustable seat tilt and standard roller wheels, allowing you to rock and roll your way around your office for added comfort and convenience. This chair is moderately adjustable – you can adjust the angle of the seat, the height of the back, the angle of the back, the height of the seat, and the height of the arm rests. The contoured seat and built-in lumbar support also offer extra comfort.

Unfortunatly for some, this chair does not come preassembled – you will have to follow step-by-step instructions to put it together yourself upon purchasing it. Also, some consumers have complained about skin discomfort related to the mesh fabric on this chair.

LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Leatherette Seat

The LexMod Edge Office Chair features a plastic frame, mesh back rest, and faux leather seat. Available in seven different colors, this chair is designed to match the futuristic style of any modern office space. Its mesh backing is stretched around a bent plastic frame, creating stationary lumbar support.

This chair’s lumbar support is not adjustable in depth or height. The chair’s back rest is also not adjustable, meaning that you cannot adjust the lumbar support by adjusting the back rest. In fact, the only adjustable features are the seat and the arm rests. The seat is adjustable in height with a range of three inches. The arm rests are adjustable in height, but not in width. They can, however, swing up and out of the way, allowing the chair to accommodate people of most body frame sizes and desks of most heights.

OSP Designs Deluxe Armless Wood Bankers Desk Chair

The OSP Deluxe Armless Bankers Chair is available in fruitwood or white-washed wood. It lends to the interior décor of a room with its traditional small town, country-chic charm. Constructed almost entirely of wood, this chair features hard, straight lines and very little ergonomic support. As a result of its absence of arm rests, this chair can easily accommodate people of a large range of body frame sizes. Its seat is hard and flat, but is adjustable in height and tilt. Its tilt tensioner allows the user to lock the seat in place, or allow it tilt freely back and forth. Its back has no built-in lumbar support and is not adjustable in height or tilt.